Fun learning for under 5s

The classes are fun and interactive

The class is suitable from very small babies up to Pre Schoolers.


We sing nursery rhymes, we read stories, we use flash cards and puppets etc... the children have fun whilst learning a lot at the same time!

It is a lot more than jus a sing along class, you will be amazed by what your child can learn!

We use a lot of repetition (the children thrive on it!) and they learn a lot. 


You can expect them to know their colours, numbers, familiar animal names and a lot more within a few months. All with the most beautiful french accent...


I have 2 young children who are fully bilingual. They inspire me every day and are the reason why I started teaching French.

Here is a video that gives a fascinating insight into language development in babies. Proof that it is NEVER too early to start learning another language!



- Children who learn a foreign language at an early age go on to achieve better academic results in a variety of topics, including Maths!

- Learning to communicate in another language has been shown to boost children’s confidence and self-assertiveness

- Learning a foreign language introduces children to different cultures and experiences. It allows your child to gain a broader view of the world around them and to become interested in different countries’ people and customs.

- Being able to speak another language leads to greater career opportunities in adult life. It can give individuals that all important edge in an increasingly globalised and competitive workplace

- It is imperative to start learning at an early age for an authentic accent Learning early with a native speaker gives children the best chance!