I offer friendly and informal private tuition in French in Sale / Altrincham and surrounding areas. I can come to you, or you can come to me in Sale. I also offer lessons using Zoom, which I have food to be a highly effective teaching platform.

I can provide tutoring to all levels and all ages. I am a native speaker so I put a lot of emphasis on pronunciation and you can be sure what I will teach you is the French that actually gets spoken in France.

French language tuition at a range of levels

I can provide tutoring in French language from beginner to intermediate level for either school age students or adults. 

The main benefit of private tuition is the ability to interact with the student, work according to their level and provide personalised coaching. In a class, you have to share the teacher's time with a number of others. Very often, students struggle with classroom work as it might be above their level, and they may have errors and other difficulties which the teacher is unable to deal with, or may be unaware of.

Working with me, I will gear the tuition entirely according to your level and not only that, I will assess your innate ability to learn languages and find ways to improve your learning performance. I will show you methods you can use to improve your retention of vocab, and how you can deal with the complexities of French grammar. 

Error correction - key to improvement in language

One of the key processes in successful language learning is making errors and having them corrected. Many learners are afraid of making mistakes, and find them demotivating. However mistakes are the key to learning as they uncover the areas where you need to improve.

Focusing on improvement

By understanding errors, you can focus your mind on improvement and gradually improve your accuracy so your knowledge and performance gets better and better.