I can't recommend Steph highly enough.  Her lessons are very well planned, imaginative, effective, and importantly, lots of fun.  A native French speaker, and being a mother of two herself, she really understands how to engage even easily distracted little ones like mine.  My children hugely enjoy Steph's lessons and I am delighted that as a result they are building wonderful early foundations for future school French lessons


Mum of 3, Hale

I have been bringing my seven month old daughter to Stephanie's class since she was about three months old. It's definitely my daughter's favourite class and mine too! Stephanie engages all the children brilliantly capturing their attention using a diverse range of books/songs and videos. The class sizes are perfect. I have developed a love of the French language from coming to the classes and I love that my daughter can enjoy a second language from such a young age. 


Mum to Charlotte, 7 months old

My son and I have been coming to Stephanie's class for a couple of terms and it's fair to say that he loves it. He's picked up a surprising amount which pops out at odd moments. The other day in the supermarket he was pointing out pictures of farm animals and saying the names in French


Mum to William, aged 3

My daughter, Lilah,  ( 19 months) has been going since she was about six months old and we've both always enjoyed it as a playgroup, but last week she started to repeat the names of animals in French during the class and I was so proud! She'd obviously been taking it all in. Something I really appreciate too is how Stephanie manages to keep her attention by varying activities between books, videos, songs, bell ringing, puppets etc. Stephanie is fantastic with Lilah as she's a mum herself and I always enjoy the sessions too! I hope to continue going for as long as possible.


Mum to Lilah, 19 months old

Tom loved all his French classes from being 3 months through to 10 months (when it was harder to get him to sit still!) and was mesmerised by your stories and games! I'd be more than happy to recommend you to other mums and dads and I'm sad that Tom can't continue his classes after I return to work.


Mum to Tom, 10 months old

Dylan has been coming out with quite a few French words this week! For the first time I thought I'd try counting in French with him the other day. I said "un, deux..." and he said "trois". Then I said "quatre" and he says "cinq"! He's also been joining in with the "Tout en haut" book I got him. At the right time he says "Dommage - nevermind" then claps and says bravo. This morning when we'd finished the book he said "read tout en haut again"!

We also sing the songs and watch them on you tube. I was singing the "patate" song while changing his nappy yesterday then he said "patate again


Mum to Dylan, aged 2

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